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15 Jul

Friday workout: 2 mile run
Thursday was pretty hectic and I had two options:
1. Workout (plyometrics)
2. Clean the house because my dad is coming over from Texas for the weekend!

I obviously picked # 2. I cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE, and the outside courtyard and stairs! According to this calorie calculator I burnt about 475 calories during the 90 minutes of housework! SCORE!

Yesterday’s meals were:
Breakfast: Oatmeal (same as earlier this week, I didn’t want to bore you guys with another repetitive picture!

Snack: Coffee, I needed it to function.

Lunch # 1: Amy’s Pot Pie

Lunch # 2: Veggie burger and corn with strawberry vinaigrette.

Dinner: pasta with garlic, onions and green peppers.

I also had two mini muffins for dessert. We went to bed around 8:45pm, I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open after dinner.

Today I woke up early for a short 2 mile run. This crazy humidity is driving me nuts, I felt like a complete mess this morning. My headband, Iphone arm band and glasses were sliding off due to the heat, humidity and sweat . My fuel belt was way too bouncy and my shirt was way too hot.

I guess it’s that time a year again, the time when anything more than shorts and a sports bra makes for an unbearable run. The first couple of days I always feel a little uncomfortable running in a sports bra, but I don’t have much of a choice if I want to enjoy my runs!

My meals so far today were:
Breakfast: waffles with strawberry jelly and almond butter

Lunch: Butternut squash soup and crackers.

Lunch #2: 3 spinach pancakes with sweet and sour sauce.

Now it’s time for a nap before our ‘make your own pizza’ night with friends!

Yay for the weekend!

My legs hurt!!

13 Jul

After yesterday run and leg workout, I don’t know how I ever thought I was would be able to do plyometrics today. Man my legs are KILLING ME!! I guess two weeks off is a long time in muscle time!

Breakfast was:
• Sour dough bread
• Brie
• Tomato

My midday snack was sweet Nutella and crackers.

Lunch was 6 spinach nuggets and strawberry vinaigrette.

I spent the afternoon watching T.V. with the husband….and a little wine, gelato and pasta!



Now back to husband time :), Happy Wednesday!!

Time for new shoes

12 Jul

1st workout: 2 mile run
2nd workout- 1 mile run/ legs and back/ abs
Yesterday after class, I spent the entire afternoon with a stomach ache; I guess I ate too many lentils. I’ve noticed my stomach is very sensitive to highly seasoned foods, but it was very well worth it!
Dinner was:
· Sour Dough Bread
· Brie Cheese
· Artichokes

Dessert was some vanilla bean and Belgian chocolate gelato!

This morning I slept in, which meant = LUNCH TIME RUN!

I decided to kill two birds with one stone by running to Footworks during my lunch break, buying new shoes and running back to work.

For the past 5 weeks I have been dealing with tursal tunnel syndrome and since I didn’t run much during the past two weeks because of the husband’s injury and our move, the pain had pretty much disappeared, but I felt the beginning on those dreaded pins and needles during yesterday’s run, so I decided to get new shoes before the pain came back.

Footworks is my favorite running store, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and they have an amazing selection of running gear. The guy that helped me out gave me a great running tip after watching me run on the treadmill.

He said I would be a more efficient runner and would experience less calf pain if I tilted about 10 degrees forward, from my ankles, when running. I’m definitely gonna try it on my next run. He also said running 10 degrees forward would be easier on an uneven surface, which is great because I really wanna sign up for a trail run sometime this summer.

Thank you Team Footworks for my awesome Brooks Adrenaline!

I ran for two miles and walked for about 5 minutes to cool down before going back to the office.

After work I headed to the FIU gym where I completed one more mile as a warm up for my legs and back workout.

But not without the help of delicious coffee!

Sometimes a girl needs all the help she can get!

The legs and back routine consisted of two sets of:
· Squats
· Lawnmowers
· Lunges
· Squat Jumps
· Heavy Pants
· Back Flys
· 3 Way Calf Raises
· Wall Squat
· Shoulder Press

My meals for the day were:
· Plain Oats
· Almond Milk
· Chia Seeds
· Flax Seeds
· Maple Syrup

Lunch was consumed at my desk before my run:
· Pumpkin and Squash mash
· Corn
· Queso Blanco

My pre-gym snack was:
· Banana
· Cashews

And a hummus, pesto and veggies sandwich from the gym cafeteria for dinner. I ate half before class and half after, I’m replicating this gem at home!

It’s been a super long day and I just got home from lab. Making aspirin took longer than expected, but at least I’ll be able to make some in a post apocalyptic world if needed! :)

What do you think would be your greatest strength or contribution to society in a post apocalyptic world?

Good weekend, Good food

11 Jul

Sunday- Rest Day

Monday morning workout- 2 mile run


Saturday was a super busy day, after class Adrian and I went to our favorite burger joint, One Burger. They have a terrific selection, of burgers, sides and desserts.

The décor is very minimalist, which I love.

And their organic veggie burger is to die for! I ordered a side of sweet potato fries along with my meal.

After running a few errands we relaxed at home until our friends Kat and Mark came over to make Mark’s famous lentils and pasta.

The ingredients were:

· 1 pound dried lentils
· Six tablespoons of extra virgin
olive oil (Italian olive oil would be
· 2 very ripe roma tomatoes or ½
cup Pomi
· 1 cup small pasta (Datini,
Macaroni or even small shells
would do)
· 1 Carrot
· 1 Stalk Celery
· 1 Onion
· 1 Garlic Clove
· 1 Bay Leaf (Turkish if available)
· A heavy pinch of dried thyme
and marjoram.
· Black Pepper and Salt to taste

First we made the “sofrito” with carrots, celery, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaf, thyme, marjoram and olive oil.

Then we added water and lentils. After they boiled for a while, we added the pasta. When the dish was almost fully cooked, we added a little olive oil. Once we removed it from the stove, we let it sit for 15 minutes before serving.

To be honest, Mark did most of the cooking, and that is because is he excellent at it and enjoys it very much! I just watched and asked a few questions. :)

The end result was amazing:

We accompanied the dish with Mark’s home made Italian-American bread and wine

After the meal, we konad. Aren’t these super cute!! I’m obsessed with konad!!! We also spent ½ the time laughing at the name, I’m sure the wine help enhance the giggles!

A few more friends, Lyn, Manny, Cesar, Montsy and Ryan filtered in and out of my place until about 2:00am when we called it quits.

Sunday was a much needed rest day. My legs were a little sore from running 3 days in a row and I was super tired from the night before. The husband and I woke up just in time for lunch at my moms house:

· Pumpkin and squash mash
· Corn
· Queso Blanco
· Rice

My mom also made one of her staple drinks Mangosas…. or mango mimosas!

Dinner was pasta in pesto and dessert was m&ms and bread pudding.


As a good sport, I woke up fairly early this morning for a morning run.

It’s still difficult to run fast in the mornings, but right now I’m not too worried about time. I need to concentrate on adding miles every week so October’s half marathon isn’t as painful as the one in March!

Breakfast was very light:

· Banana
· Cashews
· Stony Field Strawberry Smoothie


And a sweet midday snack.

Lunch was left over lentil and pasta. Thank you Mark and Kat!!


It’s amazing how light traffic is during the summer and parking was a breeze to find! I guess there are less kids taking classes the second half of the summer. At least I have my little blog to keep me occupied while I wait for class to start! Tonights workout is legs and back, I have not done a squat in 2 weeks…..I have a feeling tomorrows run will be painful!

What is your favorite leg workout? Mine is jump squats, and I love/hate lunges and calf raises.

Humidity is not my friend

9 Jul

Workout: 3 mile run + yoga
This morning started like most mornings, by snoozing 4-5 times before lacing up for my run. I woke up sore and tired, but I didn’t want to veer off my training plan the first week! The great thing about blogging my workouts and workout plans is that I feel committed to do them if I post about them, yes even if my mom and best friends are the only people that read my little blog. :)

So I woke up to yet another Miami rainy morning.


Since I was already feeling “meh” about going for a run, I didn’t want to leave my music home, so I made a makeshift waterproof case….or placed my iPhone case in a zip lock baggy. :)


My run was super slow, I felt like I was walk jumping instead of running, but I finished my 3 miles in a decent time.


It sprinkled my entire run, which is usually enjoyable because it keeps me pretty cool, but the humidity was ridiculous! It was sticky, my glasses kept sliding off and getting foggy.

After my run I did yoga for about 10 minutes, I had planned for at least 30 but between the late start and slow run I didn’t have time for much before class.

Breakfast was an almond butter and strawberry jam waffle sandwich.


Recess is over, back to class I go!

Why short morning runs rock!

8 Jul

Morning workout: 2 mile run
Afternoon workout: Shoulder, biceps and triceps


Yesterday’s dinner was a complete success! My friend Montsy and I made quinoa with tomato and spinach along with stir fried veggies and tofu with a sesame teriyaki sauce.


The quinoa cooked perfectly this time around, but it took a lot of patience. I literally watched it cook since I don’t have it down to a science, just yet. First, I boiled two cups of water with olive oil, salt and pepper and added one cup of quinoa, as the quinoa dried, I added more water. I ended up adding about 1 to 1 ½ cups more of water until the grains were completely sprouted.


Then we enjoyed some wine, chocolate covered almonds and my new obsession, Glee!

It was super tough waking up early this morning after a late night, but even though I snoozed 4 times, I hit the pavement for 2 miles, showered and made it to work on time!


I love short morning runs for the following reasons:

1. I can run on an empty stomach.
2. It takes less than 20-40 minutes
(depending on the millage).
3. It is not unbearably hot.
4. The streets are filled with other
fitness enthusiast.
5. No need to refuel mid run.
6. I carry small amounts of water
with me. (no need to fill my
entire water belt!)
7. No doggies EVER chase me in
the mornings.
8. Not as much street pollution from
cars driving by.
9. During the summer: It’s nice and
bright early, so I don’t have to
worry about getting run over.

Breakfast was:
• Plain oats with water
• Chia seeds
• Flax seeds
• Strawberries
• Maple syrup


Lunch was a bikini Panini from Big Tomato, left over from Adrian’s lunch on Thursday!

· French Bread
· Avocado
· Spinach
· Tomato
· Artichoke
· Alfalfa Sprouts
· Red Onions
· Gouda
· Mozzarella
· A Ranch type sauce


Now it’s time for my second workout of the day: Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. My routine consists of:

· In and Out Shoulder Flys
· In and Out Bicep Curls
· Chair Dips
· Scare Crows
· Concentration Supination Curl
· Overhead Triceps Extensions
· Weighted Circles
· Hammer Curls
· Lying Down Triceps Extensions
· Shrugs
· Concentration Curl
· Floor Triceps Lifts
· Dumbbell Cross body Blows

I do each move for about 8-15 reps, depending on the weight I’m using. When I’m done, I do the entire routine a second time for good luck! :)

I’m super excited to finally start using our new at-home gym. One of the main reasons we decided to move to a bigger place was to have a workout room! Here is a picture of our workout area before:

Yes, we managed to do plyometrics, kenpo and yoga together at the same time in that tiny corner!!

And our new place!!



It still needs some work, but I love it all the same! Have a great Friday!

Let the training begin!

7 Jul

Workout- 2 mile run + abs


Hello Blog world! I am back! I finally feel like I have my life semi-under control. I am done moving, I took my midterm yesterday and although the husband is still recuperating, he is a lot more mobile, which makes it easier on the both of us.

The past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic and I did not get ANY workouts in! Partly because I was studying, packing and moving, and partly because I felt guilty going for a run when my husband didn’t have much mobility, what if he needed water and I was out running?! I would have felt horrible!!

Although moving was a lot of hard work, I feel considerably weaker and I decided it was time to get back on track. My next two races are: Publix Escape to Miami Sprint Triathlon in September and the Miami Beach Halloween ½ marathon in October.

Will You Finish?

Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon

Check out my 17 week plan. It is a little ambitious, but as long as I wake up early for the running portion of my workouts, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to complete it. I don’t have any distances for the swim portion of it planned out yet, I’m going to figure that out after my swim lessons in mid August.

(I promise to post a better picture of my plan tomorrow!)


So far today, I did my part, a two mile run and + abs!!

It felt nice to run in the cool rainy weather without any music, there was a light sprinkle the entire time, nice enough to keep me cool, but not strong enough to wet me. I must admit, it was not an easy run, my lungs need to get used to running again. It’s crazy how the body loses endurance so fast!!

Now it’s time for some yummy food with our amigos Montsy and Ryan. We plan on making quinoa with veggies and tofu. YUM! 


28 Jun

Hello blog world! First off I wanted to thank everyone that has asked about and visited Adrian and that has offered help with our move this week.

Adrian had surgery today and as always he is good spirits. :)
I’m still taking a blogging break until Adrian is a bit more mobile and we are settled in our new place.

I leave you with my new favorite ice cream from skinny cow! BUY IT NOW!!


In Sickness and In Health

25 Jun

Hello friends! I’ve been on a writing hiatus this past week because my poor husband had an accident at work, he broke his left elbow and right hand. He is amazing and deserves my full attention for the next couple of weeks, so I will be taking a short blogging break.

Thankfully he has good spirits and we are both confident he’ll heal soon! After all we have triathlon training to do! :)

We are also in the middle of moving, and along with work and full school load I’ve been going a little crazy.

I’ll be back after things settle! Blog world, see you soon!


21 Jun

Am I tired of eating and writing about eating mangoes??….. NO SIR!

As you could have imagined, mango was included in my breakfast today:

· Fage
· Mango
· Pomegranate granola
· Chia Seeds
· Honey


Mango is considered a super fruit because of all its’ outstanding nutritional value. It also called “the king of fruits” and I must say the name suits it just right!


1. A Nutritional Gem- Rich in Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, and pre-biotic dietary fiber.

2. Cancer Fighting Fruit- New research states that mango protects against leukemia, colon, breast, prostate cancers. The soluble dietary fiber mangoes contain may lower the risk of cancers in the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Super Vision- The antioxidants in mangos promote good eye sight and maintain healthy skin and mucus membranes

4. Mango Loves Your Heart- This potassium rich fruit helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

5. Digestion- The digestive enzymes in mangoes help aid digestion, break down protein, soothes acidity and keep you regular.

6. Anemia Be-Gone- The iron content in mangoes is great for pregnant women and people suffering from anemia.

7. Fight the Heat- Juice an unripe steamed mango with cumin, rock salt and sugar for a pectic rich heat stroke and exhaustion fighting machine!


At about 70-75 calories per mango, there is no reason not to indulge!


My favorite way to eat mango is with yogurt, in a smoothie or by itself. What is your favorite way to eat the king fruit?


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